WELCOME to my Digital Sound Temple!!!

Can’t join me live, or want to deepen your live practices with me at home on your own?! Join me in my online course offerings here in my Digital Sound Temple!

FREE Programs:

Mindfulness Tune-up

“the least you need to know about Mindfulness” – for any Meditation program


Walk Home to Oṁ

a 21 day series of Sound Wisdom walking meditations  

SPECIAL OFFER:  This is the one and ONLY time this series will be offered for FREE.   Its just TOO GOOD to give it away for long! Sign up for Walk Home to Oṁ by AUGUST 5 th !    ☺



Co-Create your Life:   

Are you ready to thrive in the life of your dreams instead of just survive the one you are currently living?  Did you know that you already have the necessary components? It’s your breath, body, mind, heart and soul! You just have to learn how to use them!!!

Unfortunately we aren’t born with a manual that teaches us how to get the most out of the body-temples we’ve been given – but that’s what spiritual practices can help us discover.  

This 27 day program of tools for the five parts of your being will help you co-create the life of your dreams and start living in line with your true purpose!

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Sound for Self: the self-shining tools   

Sound IS Yoga – and sacred sound tools are the self-shining tools – tools you can use, to shine your own soul - to do your own work – to transcend on your own!

In this 7 week online series, learn how to use and play sacred sounds for

yourself, through the tools of the tibetan and crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, gongs, percussion, mantra and nᾱda yoga, and your primal voice.  



Feel to Heal:  

Emotions are not the bad guys! If you want to heal – you need to learn how to feel. Learn how to feel, sit with, and resolve your own personal pains, and experience the transformational power of your emotions.

You’ll learn REAL tools for anxiety, depression, mania, anger, grief, insomnia, emotion-based physical pains, as well as addictions; and you’ll also learn tools to increase your pleasure, creativity, self-expression, and JOY!

10 weeks of Healing, Support, and Peace.