Sound Wisdom

Health and Safety Recommendations

Participating in the activities instructed by Sound Wisdom may not be prudent for those with certain medical conditions. If you currently have or have experienced any of the contraindications below, it may be prudent to consult your doctor before participating. This list is not meant to be comprehensive. In general, you should not do any activities if you are not physically able to do so, or if it might make an existing condition worse. The cautions in this document are particularly important if you are participating alone and there is no one with you to assist if needed.

1. Epilepsy or any history of seizure – in particular: sound induced seizures

2. Pregnancy or possibility of pregnancy

3. Severe depression, psychosis or other serious mental health challenge

4. Hearing Aids

5. Cancer, and/or tumours

6. Heart Pacemaker, Defibrillator, stent, shunt, deep brain stimulation or any other implanted electrical device

7. Artificial heart valves, or cardiac arrhythmia

8. Any metallic implant/artificial joint

9. Deep vein thrombosis

10. Open wounds/unhealed scars

11. Acute inflammation

12. Skin disorders

13. Whip lash (within 3 days)

14. Vertigo

15. High/low Blood Pressure

16. Arthritis

17. Neck or Head Injuries