Would you recognize your own inner wisdom if it spoke to you?

Sacred Sound is the Source.

I’m Shannon Rose Scott, sound alchemist and yogi rebel! Welcome to this beautiful corner of the internet, where I share my tools of transformation, enlightenment and healing.  I’m here to support you on your own yogic journey through sacred sound in order to help you tune in to your soul’s calling. Sound Wisdom is my own beautifully integrated curriculum of offerings: served up to you through both live and online classes, workshops, courses, retreats and trainings.  Every Sound Wisdom program combines movement, meditation, and sound all together in one powerful offering. This is the deep type of healing you have been yearning for! 

Are you ready to tune in to your life? 

Are you ready to tune in to your soul’s calling?

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What if you could just walk your way to peace, self-acceptance, and a REAL joy for life again?

Only available as a FREE series until August 5th, 11:11 pm EST!

Each day, for 21 days, a new lesson is sent straight to your email, so you can enter and access our Digital Temple and keep the meditations forever!

  • video meditations with audio only options (5-10 minutes each)

  • audio meditations (no visuals required) (5-10 minutes each)

This 21 day FREE program gives you a series of walking meditations and tools, you can use on your own, over and over again, for LIFE, to take you home to that peaceful place within, whenever you need it.

  • How to do the basic walking meditation - you do not have to sit still to meditate!

  • how to use Sacred Sounds, Mantras, and/or affirmations, along with a walking meditation to help ‘protect’ the mind from those racing or uncomfortable thoughts

  • 5 different mindfulness meditations on your surroundings to use while walking - make the ordinary, extraordinary again!

  • A Forest “Bathing” Walking and Connection Meditation

  • A Visualization with walking meditation to process and let go fo challenging emotions and thoughts.

  • Want to take your walking meditation to more adventurous hiking/trekking trails (or just ease and improve your current fitness levels)? You’ll need this set of both strengthening and therapeutic poses for the feet, ankles, knees, glutes, core, shoulders, back and neck. A healthy body (not a perfect one!) leads to a healthy mind and inner state.


Hi! I’m Shannon

I am an imperfect person. I make mistakes. Sometimes I say or do the unskillful thing. I have bad days and melt downs. I can struggle with my practice. I get too busy. I avoid self-care. But when I’m in my darkest moments, it is sacred sound that becomes my light. The yogic tools of Sound Wisdom can always help me tune back into myself, and call me back home to my soul.

I am not here to be your ‘guru’, your healer, or your therapist. I am here to show you how to BE all those things, and more, FOR YOURSELF. Through the tools of Sound Wisdom, you are your own guru, healer, and therapist, and I can help you learn how to access your own power.


I feel Shannon has taught me deep awareness of my body’s ability to help itself.
— Joan Howatt, Blyth, Ontario

Notes on Sound Wisdom with Shannon Rose Scott

Shannon is a genuine, unique, and talented sound healer.
— Stacey Wood, Yoga Teacher & Owner of The CoachHouse, Lucan, Ontario