Mindfulness Tune Up

Mindfulness Meditation is the foundation of every other meditation practice, but it is the one that is most often ignored, forgotten, skipped out on, or even assumed that people are already using on their own and know well.  

This Mindfulness Tune-Up package will help you learn what Mindfulness meditation is, and how you can do it, RIGHT NOW, from the comfort of your own home.  

What’s included?     

5 videos, and 1 additional Audio track on:

  • What is Mindfulness Meditation

  • How to Sit for Meditation

  • Meditation Myth Buster

  • How to (Really) Sit for Meditation

  • Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation Practice (video and audio) 

Thank you for joining me here in my Digital Sound Temple.  I hope you enjoy your Mindfulness Tune-up!  

Shannon Rose Scott


Video #1

What is Mindfulness Meditation

Watch this video to learn exactly what Mindfulness is....and what it isn’t.


Video #2

How to Sit for Meditation:

This video shows you exactly how to sit in the ‘proper’ way for meditation….(hint:  it isn’t what you think!)


 Video # 3

Meditation Myth Buster:

As a yogi rebel, I LOVE breaking the (ridiculous and unnecessary) rules that most often get in the way of people beginning or continuing, their meditation practice.  Check out my favourite meditation rules “myth busters”, and my advice for breaking them!


Video #4

How to (Really) Sit for Meditation:

Ok, ok, I know some of you really do want to know how to sit ‘properly.’ lol    

Here are some tips and advice to keep your body healthy and happy during your meditation practice.


Video #5

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation:

Here is an introductory guided practice to Mindfulness Meditation.   You can use the video and/or audio as you wish.


Bonus Audio


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