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Hero’s Journey – the 13th Insight:  Sound of Peru

Step onto the Hero’s Journey with a


to the ancient and mysterious Machu Picchu of Peru! 

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Just imagine yourself enjoying 12 days of Hiking, Yoga, Meditation, spiritual guidance, and Sacred Sound, all while being immersed in the culture, traditions, and practices of both the ancient Mayans and modern-day locals of Peru. 

Sacred Sound has a special place in Peru – it’s like the 13th insight if the Celestine Prophecy had one - and it is time for you to experience it!  Come and explore making sacred sound for yourself by learning to play the Singing Bowls, frame-drum, as well as how to use your own primal voice.  Let yourself both give and receive sound, as you bathe in the healing, soothing vibrations of sacred sound. 

Explore yoga and meditation practices designed to help you meet the challenges of our upcoming trek – learning both strengthening and therapeutic tools.  And deepen your connection to yourself and others by learning to travel as a yogi – embracing cultural differences and challenges as a spiritual practice! 

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Your journey starts in the Sacred Valley – one of the most beautiful, fertile, and incredible landscapes in South America.  We land at Samadhi Resort – our home away from home – where we’ll spend the first five days in our very own private and luxurious retreat centre nestled amongst the Andean highlands.  Samadhi (which means that final stage of enlightenment!) is the perfect place to acclimatize to the elevation, recover from jet-lag, and prepare for the journey ahead. Through daily yoga and sound healing sessions, as well as cultural activities such as Peruvian sound healing, Shamanic ceremonies, optional cooking and/or art classes, and local hiking, this time at Samadhi will be an inspiring place to relax, rejuvenate, and connect with the deeper aspects of yourself, and with other like-minded travellers in our group. 


And then, the true hero’s journey begins.  The next 5 days will be spent hiking and glamping through the Lares Mountain Range and Inca Trail.  We’ve combined two incredible treks into one for you here, so that you get to experience more authentic cultural experiences for the majority of our trek, away from the busy, traditional tourist traps.  The Lares mountain range will show us what life is like in the high-altitude areas of the Andes, and we’ll have opportunities to eat lunch with local residents, see mountain villages you can only access by foot, and even privately camp and swim at the world-famous Lares Hot Springs.  We then journey on to the famous Inca Trail, touring several Inca archaeological sites, before ascending to the Sun Gate in order to see the sun set behind the majestic ruins of Machu Picchu! Imagine actually WALKING up to this sacred site, just as the ancients did, instead of taking the tourist-packed train!  We’ll spend the night in a luxury hotel nearby, and then have a whole day to explore the beautiful ruins, take in the incredible views, and even add our own special sound vibration to this sacred place.

Our final nights together will then be spent in the quaint city of Cusco, once the capital of the Inca Empire, where you’ll have time to explore or rest, process our journey, and prepare to go back out into the world again, as our own personal heroes – renewed from our Hero’s Journey – renewed from the Sound of Peru.   

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 Can you hear the sound of your soul calling? 

Sound Retreat Peru


Join me in July-August 2020 for this epic adventure of a lifetime. 

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Spaces are limited for this incredible opportunity, and you are going to want to get in as soon as details are released! 

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Full details including prices and registration details will be released FALL 2019, but don’t wait until then to let us know you are interested.

My SOUND WISDOM RETREAT team and I are busy creating the most incredible deal for you with Dime Travel Retreats, and this will be an ALL-INCLUSIVE program, including:

• Airport Transfers

• Meals (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, as well as meat eating options!)

• Beautiful Shared or Single Accommodations

• Private Tours, Treks, and personalized service

• Shaman Ceremony, Peruvian sound healing, and all cultural experiences

• Multi-day Lares + Inca Trek – including all glamping equipment as required (including porters! – this is still a holiday!)

• Daily Yoga, Meditation, Sound Alchemy classes, and Sound Healing sessions 

• Even your flights to and from Peru can be arranged if you prefer, by our amazing and experienced Hannah of Dime Travel Retreats

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Sound Retreat Peru

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